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EQsocial gives you the complete Social Media picture

Everyone’s online presence is open to public scrutiny - it’s essential you and your business have the tools to know who’s saying what, as it happens:

  • Track all your selected Social Media profiles - 24 hours a day
  • Use EQ's innovative 'Buzz Score' to accurately measure Social Media impact
  • Receive alerts with the information you need
  • Discover what's trending with your competitors, with EQ's 'Most Viral' monitor
  • Monitor and review social content for keywords or phrases around the clock
  • Always know your team's public social profile

Who should be using EQsocial?

Sales & Marketing - track your company’s social media effectiveness alongside ALL your peers, across ALL social media sources to see how you rank in a live and interactive dashboard. Even track your competitors' output to discover what’s being well received by their followers.

HR teams and Recruitment companies - vet candidates to get a better overall profile and ensure there is nothing inappropriate which wouldn’t be found using traditional background checks alone.

Companies - monitor employees to ensure their public social media output is positive and isn’t damaging to your reputation or maliciously targeting staff members.

Sales teams - better understand your target market when the team has an all round picture of who they are talking to.

Corporations - document your due diligence by using EQsocial, so shareholders and stakeholders can see the company is proactive in social media management.

Sports teams - track all athletes' social network output to help maintain a positive online message for the whole club or team.

Is generic search giving you the full story?

When you use a generic search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo...) you get a long list of results, often served up with sponsored content, and a great deal of duplication. Furthermore it doesn't gather much, if any, social network content and only presents a ‘Point in time’ view of the results.

EQsocial is the next generation in search and monitoring technology, harnessing the rich content of Social Network platforms coupled with traditional search, so organisations can gather deep insight into Individuals and Teams. We do the hard work and give you what really matters – Search & Gather, Update & Monitor, and Alert & Measure.

EQsocial delivers a live, constantly updating report crammed with rich information, actionable alerting and measured ‘Social Impact’ scoring.

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